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Massage Therapy


Medical Massage:

Massage TherapyOur comprehensive Medical Massage program encompasses several modalities of massage including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Active Stretching and Advanced Pain Management Techniques. With a vast knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, our providers understand the human body and how it manifests pain throughout the musculoskeletal system. In order to deliver the best possible Medical Massage in a way that yields the best results for the needs of each client or patient, multiple techniques may be used to alleviate problems of the back, neck, shoulders and sciatica as well as stress reduction techniques. We modify and individualize each massage to suit the needs of our patients and the expectations of our referring physicians.



Medical Massage in a "Spa-Like" setting:Massage Therapy

We want all of our Massage clients and patients to have the most enjoyable experience possible. Our therapies are conducted in an environment that is as healing and relaxing as it is therapeutic.

Deep Tissue & Swedish Massage: Integrated techniques that help patients with complex and chronic pain to move with less pain, and improve the results from chiropractic adjustments and decompression therapy as well.

Sports Massage: Recommended for Athletes and Active individuals. A combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue, incorporating Active and Passive Stretching. Recommended for pre and post athletic activities.

Prenatal Massage: Specifically for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy, this therapy utilizes special techniques & supportive pillows to provide much needed relief from discomfort often associated with pregnancy.

Aroma  Therapy: Unite your body and soul with aromatic essential oils in a gentle, noninvasive massage to stimulate and deepen your relaxation. Available as an add on with any Massage Therapy Treatment.

Stretching During Massage: Specialized Stretching during Body Work assists our patients in elongating  targeted muscles during their sessions.


Spa Massage at Wagner Integrative Therapies:

Not just a luxury, our Spa Massage Therapies help you relax and escape. In a serene atmosphere, take time to regenerate from the pressures of everyday life.  Escape into physical and spiritual wellness. Not just an indulgence but a necessity in today's hectic world.Massage Therapy

We focus on “connecting the dots”. Each patient’s circumstance is different and unique. By bringing talented and dedicated practitioners together as a TEAM, you receive the right kind of care and attention, giving you the very best chance for a positive experience and a successful recovery from injury, surgery, acute or chronic pain or illness.