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Janet Emmert, Mother of 3, Reiki Master

“I have benefited from chiropractic care for the past 30 years. At 15 years old I received spinal adjustments for mild lower back pain. Since then I returned to chiropractic care after a car accident affected my neck and back. Pregnancy, child birth and carrying my babies on one hip while moving furniture and talking on the phone sometimes caused me neck and back pain.”

“After moving to PA in 1990 I tried several different area Chiropractors but was never satisfied until my husband and I were introduced to Dr. Adam Wagner. His approach with chiropractic care benefited us in many ways. He listened to us and understood our busy lifestyle. He empowered us to care for our bodies with patience through education. On more than one occasion he diagnosed health issues and referred us to other Doctors when needed.”  

“My family has now been under Dr. Wagner’s care for the past 10 years. His compassion and kindness is only matched by his medical knowledge and diagnostic strength.  He has assisted us not only with our skeletal care but with weight loss, dietary suggestions and exercise advice. He has cared for all three of my children and has assisted them after sports injuries. Being a Dad himself, he excels at working with children with his casual, relaxing style. His ability to see the whole patient, assess their lifestyle and give practical advice is second to none. The fact that he can do this with a sense of humor is “icing on the cake”, in my opinion. There is no one I would trust more with my families health care than Dr. Wagner. He has become a trusted friend and we feel so fortunate to have him back in Doylestown, PA!”

                                                                                                           ~ Janet, 2009