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Lori Kesilman, 31, married mother of 2 year old twin girls and 7th grade Reading Teacher……………


I have twin girls and have had serious back pain since their delivery. Although my previous treatment did help strengthen my back a little, it did not stop the pain. My girls recently turned two and I was still experiencing a lot of pain. One night I ended up in the hospital with severe pain in my lower back and side. I was tested for a lot of possible conditions including appendicitis. The tests all came back negative and the doctor thought that my pain may have to do with my back issues.


She (the ER doctor) referred me to Dr. Ben White for a physical therapy evaluation. During the evaluation, Dr. White recommended a combination of physical therapy and decompression with Dr. J. Adam Wagner. The decompression immediately relieved the pain. I continued with decompression treatments with Dr. Wagner while I was working to strengthen my stomach and back with Dr. White. This gave me relief while I was working to strengthen my body.


Now, after three months, I am able to move normally without constant pain. I am now doing the physical therapy at home and I see Dr. Wagner occasionally for decompression. This process completely changed the quality of my life and the lives of my family!


                                                                                                                                                                        ~Lori, 2008