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What We Do


All Chiropractic is NOT the Same

Accurate diagnosis and assessment is the key to a successful outcome. Patients should plan to spend about an hour at their first appointment with us to enable our doctor to complete a thorough health history and physical exam. Our assessment process sets us apart from other chiropractic centers, and allows us to identify which course of treatment will best address your needs.

State-of-the-Art Technologies

We are excited to offer our patients several state-of-the-art technologies that treat common, debilitating problems. We have one of the best mechanical traction machines on the market, the Triton DTS for Spinal Decompression Therapy, which is a non-surgical approach to treating low back and neck pain related, but not limited to, herniated and bulging discs and related nerve pain. We have a unique piece of equipment called ATM2Pro, Active Therapeutic Movement Therapy, which provides immediate, long-lasting benefits to many back, neck, shoulder, pelvis, hip, and knee pain sufferers. The Vectra Gensis Cold Laser System accelerates healing of both topical wounds and deep tissues, including ligaments and joints. Our newest and most exciting technology is the Storz Medical Shockwave Therapy , sometimes called Radial Shock Wave or, Shock Wave for short. This is a transformative therapy that is fast, and often, even curative, with no side effects or down time.

Unlike other chiropractic offices, our center's philosophy incorporates the input of your personal medical doctors. We believe that a close working relationship with your medical and osteopathic physicians, and other therapists, is the key to your optimal overall results. You will receive the highest quality one-on-one care because your individual treatment and evaluation is based on your specific needs. By integrating multiple modalities, we can achieve fast, complete and effective results. Our doctor also offers Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals™, the best in science-based, custom-formulated Omega-3 supplements available. PRN™ Omega-3 products are used as an effective treatment for the inflammation associated with chronic joint and back pain.

Did you know?

Doctors of Chiropractic are experts in treating dysfunctional joints and muscles of the human body before and after they have caused pain. Clinicians of Chiropractic Medicine spend nearly 4,823 hours of total contact time with patients during their educational process, compared with 4,667 hours for allopathic medical students. As undergraduates, they spend 71% of their class room time in the clinical sciences, while their MD counterparts spend 74% in similar studies. In addition, students of Chiropractic spend 29% of their time studying basic science courses, while medical students spend 26% of their time in similar classes.

Our practitioner has more than 28,000 hours of clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of joint and muscle dysfunction, and combines the best passive and active care treatment plans to restore function and decrease pain depending on what is indicated.